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Final Theory of Everything

The Astonishing Universe

The holy grail of cosmologists has been to find a master theory that provides a singular, all-encompassing, coherent theoretical framework of physics that fully explains and links together all aspects of the universe. Now at last this master theory of everything is fully revealed and published for the first time.

Final Theory of Light

& Finding Extraterrestrials

The fundamental nature of light is still not fully understood in contemporary physics. Puzzling paradoxes and misconceptions abound by not understanding the true nature of light. This book (in English) reveals a new theory that at last provides a full understanding of the underlying nature of light.

(Spanish edition)

Teoría Final de la Luz

Y Búsqueda de Extraterrestres

La naturaleza fundamental de la luz aún no se comprende completamente en la física contemporánea. Abundan paradojas y conceptos erróneos al no comprender la verdadera naturaleza de la luz. Este libro (en español) revela por fin una comprensión completa sobre la naturaleza de la luz.