Beat Osteoporosis Now

This guide shows the only way to beat osteoporosis that really works. Osteoporosis is a terrible and ‘silent’ disease that usually catches people by surprise. And once you start to suffer bone fractures as a result of osteoporosis, it can be a very painful disease that limits just about every aspect of daily life.

About one out of every two women (and about one out of every three men) will suffer from osteoporosis if they do nothing about it! Nearly a third of all postmenopausal women have osteoporosis in the United States and in Europe. At least 40% of these women and 15-30% of men will sustain one or more fragility fractures in their remaining lifetime. Osteoporosis is a completely preventable and even reversible condition!

This book reveals for the first time ever the real cause of osteoporosis and exactly how to combat this disease. Protecting and maintaining strong bones is not about doing more exercise or consuming more calcium. It's not even about estrogen deficiency - bone loss accelerates after the menopause in women, but not because of a quick drop in estrogen.

Once you know what truly weakens bones, there are some simple measures that men and women can take to prevent or ameliorate osteopenia and osteoporosis.

If you are super fit and healthy, then now is the perfect time to safeguard your future against osteoporosis. But whatever the sate of your health and whatever your age, it is never too late to start protecting your bones to ward off the possibility of osteoporosis. If you already suffer from weak bones, this book shows how to ameliorate osteoporosis.

You may wonder why the secrets revealed in this book have never been published before. The answer is that they have, but only in scientific and medical journals and research papers. Often, the information presented in such journals is obscure, technical and piecemeal. This book brings together and makes sense of the latest astonishing scientific findings, showing how to combat osteoporosis and presenting the information in a straightforward manner without technical jargon.

Several important misconceptions about osteoporosis are presented here for the first time so as to provide a full understanding of the real cause behind the disease and what you can do about it. Many wide held myths about looking after your bones are demolished. For example, did you know that bone density scans cannot reveal whether you are at risk of osteoporosis? Furthermore, the denser the bone, the more brittle the bone. Here are just some of the other myths revealed in this truly unique book:

The calcium myth: discover why the bones do not benefit from the consumption of calcium-rich foods or calcium supplements, and why taking calcium supplements actually harms the bones.

The weight-bearing myth: discover why weight-bearing exercise does not help bones at all, and that in fact such exercise can accelerate osteoporosis and make bones more likely to fracture.

The fruit juice myth: discover why any kind of fruit juice is a major cause of osteoporosis, and why it should always be avoided.

Osteoporosis books that dish out tired old clichés about doing more exercise and consuming more calcium are simply wrong and out of date. Any osteoporosis advice that tells you to consume milk, meat and fish to "build strong bones" is not only incorrect but actually harmful to bones.

"Beat Osteoporosis Now" includes a radical and simple new way for women to protect their bones throughout their lives - this vital information has never been published before. At the end of the guide a five-step plan brings everything together to show you exactly what to do to prevent or ameliorate osteoporosis.

For the sake of your health, this is a book that everybody should read - it really will change your life.

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