No More Diabetes -
A New Full-Proof Method for Combating Diabetes

Updated March 2017
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‘No More Diabetes’ reveals a new and different way to combat diabetes . Research is only now revealing the true root-cause of diabetes and how you can avoid or halt Type 2 Diabetes once and for all.

By knowing exactly how diabetes is caused, a precise strategy can be followed that is full-proof. Up till now the advice to combat diabetes has been to “make healthy food choices, stay a healthy weight, do more exercise, and stay calm during your day”.

These kind of vague platitudes are not helpful and they reflect the fact that the true cause of Type 2 Diabetes is not yet widely known. This book is set to revolutionize the way this disease is viewed and treated.

At last you have a full-proof method for dealing with diabetes that is different to anything else out there; it is now being revealed to the public for the first time in printed form.

Here are just some of the things you will discover in ‘No More Diabetes’:

* Type 2 Diabetes is not caused by too much or too little insulin. Nor is it caused by a poorly functioning pancreas. The true root cause of diabetes will surprise you and give you real hope that the disease can indeed be prevented or stopped in its tracks.

* If you already have Type 2 Diabetes (or pre-diabetes) you will discover exactly how to control the disease so that you can lead a full and normal life and dispense with diabetes medications.

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* Why diabetes solutions that offer exotic herbs, pills & potions, elaborate medications, intense nutritional supplements, stomach surgery and exercise programs don’t work. Don’t believe the many false promises that offer to cure or reverse diabetes by following some special, ‘unique’ regime.

* Why so-called ‘gestational diabetes’ during pregnancy has nothing to do with diabetes.

* Why any kind of vigorous exercise that makes you pant for air is a significant cause of diabetes. Discover the ideal kind of physical activity for combating diabetes and staying fit and healthy.

* Why insulin resistance is not a cause of diabetes, it’s a symptom. When you address the real cause of insulin resistance you stop insulin resistance (and diabetes) dead in its tracks. You can do this easily and quickly starting today.

* Why any kind of low-carbohydrate diet is the worst possible advice for combating diabetes. Ketogenic diets, Atkins style diets, and other kinds of low-carb diets greatly cause insulin resistance and diabetes. Discover the shocking truth, based on solid scientific evidence.

* How insulin resistance creeps up on you, silently and unexpectedly, and how you can completely prevent this happening in your life. Millions of people have pre-diabetes and don’t even know it.

* A clear concise step-by-step procedure that actually works for giving up your Type 2 Diabetes medications and insulin shots.

‘No More Diabetes’ is fully referenced and based on the latest medical research, leaving you in no doubt that there is only one effective way to combat diabetes, based on knowing the real root cause.

This is a book for anybody who wants to be super healthy, slim and free of disease, whether or not you’re concerned about diabetes. Even if you’re perfectly well, you will discover vital information that can transform your life and prevent a future beset with illness.

If you already have pre-diabetes or diabetes it is vital that you read this book and discover an easy and quick way to halt the disease and lead a full life. Unlike other diabetes books, ‘No More Diabetes’ is a practical how to manual with no fluff and irrelevant information. But much more than that, it is the only book that at last reveals the true and precise cause of Type 2 Diabetes and gives you an effective full-proof strategy to beat the disease.



Order Now, only $3.99:
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