Don't Eat Your Broccoli
The shocking truth

'Don't Eat Your Broccoli' explodes once-and-for-all the myth that cruciferous vegetables are good for you. In this book you will discover exactly why vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, collard greens, kale and others are so bad for health.

More specifically, you will discover the shocking truth that cruciferous vegetables are a major cause of obesity, cancer, heartdisease and other serious illnesses. Everything is fully explained, with full supporting evidence every step of the way.

coverFurthermore, cruciferous vegetables are nutritionally poor compared to many other plant-based foods. As explained in 'Don't Eat Your Broccoli' there are many alternative vegetables that are much more nutritious and healthy to consume - we simply do not need cruciferous vegetables in our lives.

For example, did you know that cruciferous vegetables can cause stunted body growth in children? That cruciferous vegetables exert a strong and harmful feminizing effect on the body that is bad for both men and women? That cruciferous vegetables inhibit testosterone and slow down the thyroid, causing a host of health problems? And that by affecting the adrenal glands, cruciferous vegetables prevent the body from losing surplus body fat?

The myth that cruciferous vegetables fight cancer is just that, a myth.

Even if you never eat cruciferous vegetables, this book reveals astonishing facts that will help to keep you healthy, stay slim and avoid disease. Written in plain English, this is a book for everybody, regardless of your age or state of health.

This is a comprehensive, fully referenced book that is up to date with the latest scientific research and makes vital reading for both health professionals and members of the public.

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